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If not mentioned otherwise, all Images are taken from a light polluted, urban loacation, approx. 30m above sea level. The pictures are in chronological order and I have decided to keep the older images in each category. This shows how things are developing and may demonstrate what you can expect with different equipment (and growing experience...).

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Subfolder: 070227_a-zoom_m42_orion-nebula.jpgDeep Sky / 78 Pictures 070121_saturn_astro3.jpgPlanets / 21 Pictures
img_0018_lunar-eclipse_040307.jpgLunar Eclipse March 2007 / 16 Pictures 110111_sunspot-ar1140.jpgSun / 18 Pictures
070125_moon-detail_250107.jpgMoon / 17 Pictures 100107_orion.jpgWidefield / 8 Pictures
070528_polaris-trace.jpgOthers / 9 Pictures

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